Since 1988, ACT has nominated over 50,000 acres for conservation and directly participated in the purchase of 17,000 acres. Below is a list of properties that ACT continues to own and manage.

Blues Creek Ravine Preserve

Size: 160 acres
Date conserved: 2002

Herzog Cave Preserve

Size: 2 acres
Date conserved: 1997

Little Orange Creek Preserve

Size: 1090 acres
Date conserved: 2012 (700 acres) & 2013 (390 acres)

Prairie Creek Lodge

Size: part of 360-acre Praire Creek Preserve
Date conserved: 2009

Prairie Creek Preserve

Size: 360 acres
Date conserved: several acquisitions between 2005 to 2009

Saarinen Preserve

Size: 78 acres
Date conserved: late 1990's

Santa Fe River Preserve

Size: 96 acres
Date conserved: 2012

Tuscawilla Preserve

Size: 600 acres
Date conserved: Six acquisitions between 2005 to 2010

Historic Haile Homestead

Size: 40 acres
Date conserved: 1985

Alachua to Lake Butler Rail Trail

Size: 85 acres (7 miles long)
Date conserved: 2012


Use our interactive map to find other ACT properties and explore the different conservation lands in Alachua County.


Know or own a property that should be protected for its natural, recreational, or historical value, learn how you can help protect it.