Conserving land in and around Alachua County since 1988.


Prairie Creek Preserve

We are actively burning and restoring 210 acres of the 500 acre property. This pine flatwoods portion of the preserve is composed of multiple parcels of former pine plantation and recently logged private lands purchased by ACT between 2005 and 2009. The pine plantation portions were thinned, burned, and some hardwoods were removed to help restore the structure of natural pinelands, and we are now following up by planting wiregrass and longleaf pine seedlings.

Eventually, regular prescribed fire and exotic plant control will be the only management activities necessary to maintain this portion of the preserve. ACT has made a long-term stewardship commitment to restoring and protecting the biological diversity and ecological function of both the wetlands and uplands at the Prairie Creek Preserve.

Little Orange Creek

We are currently pursuing various grant opportunities to expand the boundaries of Litte Orange Creek Preserve (see below for most recent addition). In addition, organizations and agencies associated with this complex of conservation lands recently met to develop a cooperative agreement to manage the parts as a combined unit. This strategy will make restoration efforts more efficient and effective, and ultimately result in better habitat conservation for many unique plants and animals found on the preserve.

Historic Haile Homestead

Last year, heavy rains exposed leaks in the roof of Historic Haile Homestead. Although the damage was minimal, the potential for further, more serious harm, particularly to the historically unique “Talking Walls”, required the roof be replaced as soon as possible.

ACT selected a cedar shake that closely matched the historic design, but will also last. This replacement was not cheap ($50,000+), and we are looking for donations to help offset the cost. ACT initiated a “Raise the Roof Campaign”, and is hoping to raise at least $25,000. If you would like to support preservation of one of Alachua County’s oldest and most historically significant structures, please send your contribution to ACT by mail, or donate online, go here (select "HHH- Raise the Roof" under Funds).


North Florida Wetlands Conservation Project (NFWCP)

The North Florida Wetlands Conservation Project (NFWCP) is a collaborative effort between multiple agencies and non-profit organizations to protect an extensive network of freshwater wetlands in north central Florida that provide important habitat for migratory birds along the Atlantic Flyway. To date, more than 8000-acres have been protected in the first four phases of the NFWCP, which will complement tens of thousands of acres of nearby conservation lands, including Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park (~21,000 acres), Lochloosa Wildlife Conservation Area (~28,000 acres), and others. Previous NFWCP phases include: Kanapaha Prairie Preserve, Tuscawilla Preserve, Barr Hammock Preserve, Levy Lake/Whitehurst tract, and Little Orange Creek Preserve (western part).

Conservation Trust for Florida (CTF) and Alachua Conservation Trust (ACT) with help from other partners associated with the North Florida Wetlands Conservation Project (NFWCP) recently closed on an important 390-acre addition to the 1,900-acre complex of conservation lands known as Little Orange Creek Preserve, owned and managed by the City of Hawthorne and ACT. The new acquisition will add high quality freshwater marshes in a core part of Fowler’s Prairie to the existing network of protected wetlands and uplands along the Alachua-Putnam county border. The purchase was made possible with federal funds from the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA), and represents another successful partnership of the NFWCP to apply this funding source in the region. Previous NAWCA projects include Kanapaha Prairie, Tuscawilla Preserve, Barr Hammock, and another portion of Little Orange Creek Preserve.


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